Thing 25: Power up your browser

For this tool, Google chrome was my browser of choice. I had downloaded Chrome on my desktop computer at work and laptop over a year ago (I think because I heard it was faster) but had never explored any of the features and I can tell you I will never go back to Internet explorer ever again, unless I have to. There was so much I learned this week about this browser  and that I was able to explore, things that are actually going to make my life a whole lot easier!

I did everything for this week on my desktop computer at work because that’s where I do most everything for school. The first thing I did was import all of my favorites from Internet explorer to Chrome because all the applications I use for work were saved there and made Chrome my default browser. I then changed my homepage to go directly to Destiny, our library catalog and changed my theme. All of these “housekeeping” items were very easy to do and anything I was unsure about, I just looked through the FAQ’s and their answers on Chrome. I spent some time looking through the menu bar (is that what the three horizontal lines are called?) to figure out the security settings which Chrome tells you everything that is recommended and how to delete browser history.

After this, I started the fun part: playing around with apps and extensions! I got Pandora as an app because I use it all the time and started looking through some recommended extensions. I got Readability, Webpage screenshot, easybib, 1 click timer, Google similar pages and Chrome app launcher. I loved readability because it allows you to clean up an article that you are reading so you are just looking at text and not all the distractions around it. It is so simple because all you have to do is click the icon and it gives you a choice to read now or later and automatically cleans it up for you. I got chrome app launcher because it launches your favorite apps from the desktop and opens them up under a separate tap in Chrome. When you use easy bib in your searching, all you have to do is type easy bib in the search box and click the tab button and then the easy bib extension opens and you can do your search. It will tell you how many times the website has been citing and if the site is credible or not. I can see showing my students how to use this when they are doing research as a helpful tool in evaluating websites. The screenshot extension allows you to screenshot the whole page, what is visible, or you can select an area to screenshot.

I do plan on exploring more extensions but those were the ones I did this week. I’m already hooked on Google chrome!!

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