Thing 22: Create a resource guide

I received an email from another librarian in the district sharing a resource guide that she had created using our district subscription to Libguides. Although we have a subscription, I had never looked into libguides until I viewed her guide with resources that support the common core texts for Grade 6. I do these resource guides all the time but in different forms, usually they are just a huge list of links in a Microsoft word document but I try and store different resources on a variety of topics so if a teacher ever needs anything, I can consult that. I loved the look of her guide and how simple it looked so I decided to create one for this topic.

The first step in creating a resource guide is to figure out your target audience. For the most part, my target audience are usually my students. Due to lack of time, I spend a lot of time gathering resources for my students to use when doing research rather than them finding them on their own (although we talk a great deal about how to choose and evaluate good resources). One unit I have done since I began working for the district is one for my students in Grades 5 & 6 about digital citizenship and cyberbullying. We do a lot of exploring using online resources, researching the topic, watching videos and learning about other people’s stories. I thought this would be perfect to create a resource guide for. Because I had a lot of the resources already saved (I added a few), the resource guide was very simple to create. I decided to use a page with basic links breaking my resources up into four different categories (digital citizenship, cyberbullying, student activities and teacher resources). I do plan on adding and editing when I get closer to teaching the unit but for now here is my resource guide: 🙂

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