Thing 21: Productivity Tools

I explored a few tools this week. The first thing I looked into were the tools for helping you maintain your to do lists. I write to do lists all the time, on post it notes scattered everywhere around my desk at work, in my planner and on my phone so I thought I would like these tools. After exploring a few of them, I realized that regardless if I started using them, I would probably still continue to use my post it notes, my planner and notepad on my phone.

The next tool I played around with was delicious which I’ve heard of before. I have a word document that essentially organizes all of my favorite websites and resources I use for work. What I liked about delicious is that you can add the bookmarklet on to your toolbar and all you have to do is click “Add to delicious” and it automatically adds the website you’re looking at to your delicious site. I had a few issues with it though – is there a way to organize your websites into different categories? I know you can tag them which I did using tags like “professional development” and “bills” (personal use) but that doesn’t organize the websites when you are looking at your list. If I used this tool consistently my list would drastically grow and if I can’t organize it, I’m not sure it would be anymore useful for me than my word document. I also got the app on my iphone but every time I clicked on one of my sites I would get a pop up which I didn’t like. Any suggestions? 🙂

I tried to download evernote on my work laptop which is the device I primarily use at home and mostly at work but it wouldn’t let me. I dogettingwnloaded the app onto my phone but plan on exploring it more on a desktop computer when I go back to school. This year, I’ve been working with my students in grades 4-6 get set up with their district folders, showing them how to log in, access their folders and save documents. Although I can’t see myself using evernote with my students in library, I can see helping my teachers use this as a tool in their classrooms to save and showcase student work. I love how this can be a great tool in communicating student growth to parents.

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1 Response to Thing 21: Productivity Tools

  1. A belated welcome to the workshop! Great work on this topic. I agree about evernote, doesn’t sound like a good fit for the students if they have district folders to hold their work. Great idea to work with the teachers though. I’ll bet many of them will love it!

    p.s. don’t forget to fill out the log form whenever you complete a topic, otherwise I’ll miss you work! Thanks. The form is here:

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