Thing 20: Tools for creating websites, pathfinders, portfolios and more

It took me a while to figure what I wanted to do this week. To be honest – my web presense is lacking as a librarian and it’s one of my goals over the summer to begin working on. For Thing 16, I chose to work on my school website as I had just completed a PD on it. It definitely needs some work and tweaking. One of the things I’d really like to do with it is to highlight what we do in library on a daily basis and include pictures of students working, actual student work and what standards the lessons hit on.

Yesterday, I just had a meeting with my Scholastic representative to discuss my upcoming fall book fair. She discussed with me the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and how students can do it. I am signed up for summer school at my home school as a librarian and am not sure how much time I will actually get with my students every week. I thought starting to have students work on this would be perfect! As the year is coming to an end, I have also been showing students where to find resources on my library page to do summer reading online. I told them that before they leave for the summer, I will have all of this information written down for them to take home. One of the hard things about sending home packets is that you can’t link anything to a website. As soon as I saw smore, I knew what I’d be doing this week. Attached is a flyer I made about summer reading that I will attach to my library website for parents and students to use as a reference this summer. I will probably edit it in the next week or so to add some online databases that students can use. Smore was so easy to use, I will definitely plan on using this in the future.

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