Thing 17: Coding

I’ll be honest and say when I first saw what the cool tool was for this week, I wasn’t too excited. When I ever heard the word coding, I would instantly think of HTML. My first hand at HTML was my first class at Buffalo going towards my Masters in Library Science. I stayed in Buffalo for 6 weeks because the class was a few times a week and basically worked through the assignments by myself with no help – boy, was that fun! 🙂 Since then, I’ve worked with HTML very little other than to create a very simple website (with help this time).

Before this week, I had never heard of the hour of code and I think it’s awesome. I hope that I can play around a little more with these tools over the summer so I can implement this next year with some of my classes. I have a good relationship with our instructional technology support this year and I think he would definitely be on board in helping me with some ideas. As I watched the movie, I kept hearing people say “I wrote 2 lines of code” or “I wrote 19 lines of code”; I didn’t really understand what that meant until I started exploring some of the tools on the Hour of Code Project Website. I started EASY but that’s the only way for me to start feeling more comfortable. I played Angry Birds, the dog game and started creating my own Flappy Bird game. I could definitely see using these introductory activities with my students (I think my almost 6 year old could probably understand how to do it after some practice). Although I wasn’t looking at and writing HTML code, it was easy to understand that underneath every command you create is an HTML code.

This year, my school had a state review. In the written up review after it had been completed, the comments were that one of the areas in which we need to work on as a staff is higher level questioning. Many of the skills that oftentimes go hand in hand with higher level questioning include problem solving and collaboration with your classmates, all skills that are targeted with Common Core and the Information Fluency Continnuum across grade levels. I think coding is a great way to start introducing these skills to younger students as well as reinforce them with the older.

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