Thing 7

I have never used Audioboo before but was happy to see this as the Cool Tool for this week because I’ve been thinking about podcasting with some of my older students. Our school has been dealing with an increase in negative behaviors, particularly in the fifth grade. We’ve also had some issues with bullying and sexual harassment. My thought was to introduce cyberbullying by showing a movie and discussing where students may see this in their own life and discuss how new technology has increased this form of bullying (social networking, youtube, texting, etc). After introducing the topic and having discussions, I wanted students to create their own public service announcements by creating podcasts that discussed what cyberbullying is and strategies for those who are victims of this. By doing this, I thought that my students would be taking accountability for recognizing why cyberbullying is so harmful and ways in which our school could start becoming more positive and respectful. This is one thing that I would definitely use Audioboo for.

The thing that I liked most about Audioboo was that it is so simple to use. I was able to create an account and create my “boo” within minutes. I let one of my second grade classes that are currently paired up in groups writing their own versions of “The Three Little Pigs” story listen to the storytelling strategy boo I had created. I wanted them to see this because when  they are finished writing their stories, I am going to have each group record their story and when all said and done all groups will listen to the different versions their classmates created. I also loved the clip where the school created book reports and attached QR codes so that anyone walking around the library with the QR app could listen to the report right away. If I worked in a middle or high school I think this is something I would definitely do with YA literature but I’m not sure it would be used in the elementary school I work in. Anyways, I have so many ideas whirling around in my head of things to do with Audioboo!!

I have been teaching some of my fifth and sixth grade classes how to create powerpoints and this was the first thing that crossed my mind when reading about screencasting. I taught the students how to link text or an image on one of their slides to a form of multimedia they find on the internet. It was one of those things that I couldn’t just show once, I had to keep showing it for them to remember. I even had one of the teachers ask me if I could show her how to do it. This would be a great thing to screencast in order for both teachers and students to do it when I’m not right there with them. I also plan on screencasting my library catalog for next year when I am introducing it to my students. 

I did try and embed my Audioboo that I created this week but for some reason did not work as Polly’s did. So for now…here is the link to my boo:

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One Response to Thing 7

  1. pollyalida says:

    What a lot of great ideas! Thank for sharing them. The anti-bullying PSAs sounds terrific. Hope that works out.

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