Thing 6

I was very excited to see the cool tool for the week because for the past month or so I have been working with my fifth and sixth grade students on the research process and being able to effectively evaluate information sources. I have never created a social bookmarking site yet I have heard of them before and briefly worked with Diigo during a graduate class. For this week I decided to create a account (which I love!!). Whenever I come across a resource I like or think would be beneficial for me or staff I work with, I usually just copy the url address and paste it into a word document. I have a folder on my desktop here at school entitled “Resources” where I have all these lists and have them organized by topic (math resources, Black History Month resources, great depression photographs, etc). However, I haven’t annotated any of these so if I look at my list a few days later I can never remember which resources might help with specific tasks. I love the fact that you can use to not only post these helpful websites or articles you find but you can also post tweets, photographs, videos and other content. I will eventually be teaching my students how to cite their information for the sake of giving credit but to also remember where you find information in case you ever have to go back to that source. is a great way for students to not only bookmark these helpful resources but also to annotate these resources and share information with their peers. In addition, when I begin to add more things to my page I do plan on sharing this resource with my staff as my page is dedicated to the shift towards common core standards and helpful tools to use in the classroom.

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4 Responses to Thing 6

  1. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing tips on how to use with students.

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  4. Susan Reuter says:

    Lauren, I tired Scoop-it too and loved it. I like that the links show up with large and with images and comments.

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