Thing 4: Photosharing

I actually signed up for two photosharing sites this week, Flickr and Shutterfly. I checked out most of the photosharing sites shared this week and settled on these two but for different reasons. I liked Flickr because it is very simple to use and thought it would be user friendly for the staff at my school and also for parents of my students. I uploaded a few pictures I had taken at a reading night back in October (only the pictures of tables set with reading activities did I upload, still checking on the school policy about uploading pictures of students). I liked how easy it was and fast to upload pictures you had taken, tag each photo by writing a comment about what the picture is and also separating photos into different sets, similar to facebook photo albums. I plan on using this in the future, not just to inform staff and parents to what I’m doing in the library but also to capture school events that are special to all my staff and want to remember.

I also signed up for Shutterfly, but only for my own personal use. A few of my friends have mentioned this tool before because they have been photo books for family members as gifts. I uploaded a variety of pictures I’ve taken of my step son in the past year and plan on making calenders to give out as Christmas gifts. I don’t see myself using this site for school use, as the advertising you see throughout the site kind of deterred me away. For the time being, I’m still a facebook girl. This is the social networking site I use most to connect with my friends and they are the only ones I’d want to be looking at personal photos from my life.

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