Thing 3: RSS

Hi Friends!

So I explored both Netvibes and Google Reader last night. When I student taught last year at an elementary school, my cooperating librarian had shown me her Netvibes account that she used. She said she loved it and that it was a great way to place everything you need and want from the web in one place. I tried it at home and spent a few minutes exploring but never got back into it. I logged back in last night with my old account and I must have subscribed to a few feeds because I had hundreds of posts (is that what they are called?) waiting for me. I deleted everything because I didn’t think of any of the information was helpful or relevant and thought I’d start again. Am I the only one who was getting confused by this and how to use it? I then decided to check out Google Reader, spending forever trying to figure out if I have a gmail account or not (getting usernames and passwords sent to my old email). Needless to say, I now have accounts to both and have explored both but haven’t decided which one I’d like to use. I do plan on using this tool but needed more time than just last night to sit down and sort through everything. I’d love to hear any feedback from those currently using or the other. Which one do you like better? Easier to use? I may settle onNetvibes, it looked more colorful 🙂

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2 Responses to Thing 3: RSS

  1. pollyalida says:

    Hi, sorry to be so long in answering your questions here. Yes, the new articles/items on your NetVibes page are called posts. As for which one is easier to use, I think you’ve hit on the difference. NetVibes ism ore graphics and colorful. Google Reader, much more utilitarian. Depends on your preference!

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